Analysis Report

Report Created: 2011-04-13T19:14:11
Author: Helmar Wieland
Project Name: chronBus only Demonstrator (D:/projects/demos/chronBus/demo.ipr)
Last Modified: 2011-04-13T19:13:50
Description: This Restbus only project was generated by reading the enclosed Fibex file. The ECUs were configured more realistically: - Their clocks each have a drift respective to each other - They have different Start-Offsets resulting in them not all starting at exactly the same time. These changes from the version you get by just parsing the Fibex result in realistic bursts and message distributions.

Response Times / System Utilization

ProcessBest Case
Response Time
Worst Case
Response Time
CAN : CAN_035.72%
ECU_1_CAN_0_MSG_2, 113 (0x71)380 µs1 ms4.60%
ECU_0_CAN_0_MSG_4, 205 (0xcd)220 µs1.26 ms0.05%
ECU_2_CAN_0_MSG_5, 226 (0xe2)252 µs1.56 ms0.30%
ECU_3_CAN_0_MSG_2, 233 (0xe9)348 µs1.98 ms0.08%
ECU_3_CAN_0_MSG_4, 335 (0x14f)348 µs2.4 ms0.21%
ECU_4_CAN_0_MSG_8, 349 (0x15d)252 µs2.7 ms0.06%
ECU_1_CAN_0_MSG_3, 414 (0x19e)316 µs3.08 ms0.08%
ECU_0_CAN_0_MSG_1, 502 (0x1f6)380 µs3.54 ms0.09%
ECU_0_CAN_0_MSG_9, 510 (0x1fe)412 µs4.04 ms1.00%
ECU_2_CAN_0_MSG_1, 522 (0x20a)412 µs4.54 ms0.50%
ECU_2_CAN_0_MSG_2, 523 (0x20b)380 µs5 ms0.23%
ECU_2_CAN_0_MSG_6, 527 (0x20f)380 µs5.46 ms0.18%
ECU_0_CAN_0_MSG_5, 606 (0x25e)316 µs5.84 ms0.04%
ECU_0_CAN_0_MSG_6, 607 (0x25f)380 µs6.3 ms2.30%
ECU_1_CAN_0_MSG_4, 615 (0x267)316 µs6.68 ms0.15%
ECU_3_CAN_0_MSG_0, 631 (0x277)252 µs6.98 ms0.03%
ECU_2_CAN_0_MSG_9, 730 (0x2da)412 µs7.48 ms1.00%
ECU_3_CAN_0_MSG_3, 734 (0x2de)380 µs7.94 ms0.46%
ECU_3_CAN_0_MSG_6, 737 (0x2e1)220 µs8.2 ms0.26%
ECU_4_CAN_0_MSG_3, 744 (0x2e8)348 µs8.62 ms0.08%
ECU_1_CAN_0_MSG_9, 820 (0x334)252 µs8.92 ms1.50%
ECU_3_CAN_0_MSG_9, 840 (0x348)284 µs9.26 ms0.03%
ECU_2_CAN_0_MSG_7, 928 (0x3a0)316 µs9.64 ms0.08%
ECU_4_CAN_0_MSG_2, 943 (0x3af)252 µs9.94 ms0.12%
ECU_0_CAN_0_MSG_0, 1001 (0x3e9)284 µs10.28 ms0.34%
ECU_1_CAN_0_MSG_0, 1111 (0x457)220 µs11 ms2.60%
ECU_2_CAN_0_MSG_3, 1124 (0x464)444 µs11.8 ms0.22%
ECU_2_CAN_0_MSG_4, 1125 (0x465)348 µs12.22 ms0.21%
ECU_4_CAN_0_MSG_5, 1146 (0x47a)380 µs12.68 ms0.46%
ECU_0_CAN_0_MSG_3, 1204 (0x4b4)220 µs12.94 ms0.13%
ECU_0_CAN_0_MSG_8, 1209 (0x4b9)284 µs13.28 ms0.34%
ECU_1_CAN_0_MSG_6, 1217 (0x4c1)444 µs13.82 ms0.54%
ECU_4_CAN_0_MSG_1, 1242 (0x4da)284 µs14.16 ms1.70%
ECU_2_CAN_0_MSG_0, 1321 (0x529)220 µs14.42 ms0.13%
ECU_3_CAN_0_MSG_7, 1338 (0x53a)252 µs14.72 ms0.06%
ECU_4_CAN_0_MSG_4, 1345 (0x541)412 µs15.22 ms5.00%
ECU_3_CAN_0_MSG_5, 1436 (0x59c)380 µs16.18 ms0.46%
ECU_4_CAN_0_MSG_9, 1550 (0x60e)316 µs16.56 ms0.15%
ECU_0_CAN_0_MSG_7, 1608 (0x648)380 µs17.02 ms0.92%
ECU_1_CAN_0_MSG_5, 1616 (0x650)380 µs17.48 ms0.46%
ECU_1_CAN_0_MSG_8, 1619 (0x653)220 µs17.74 ms1.30%
ECU_4_CAN_0_MSG_6, 1647 (0x66f)284 µs18.08 ms0.07%
ECU_4_CAN_0_MSG_7, 1648 (0x670)380 µs18.54 ms2.30%
ECU_0_CAN_0_MSG_2, 1703 (0x6a7)316 µs18.92 ms0.15%
ECU_1_CAN_0_MSG_7, 1718 (0x6b6)316 µs19.3 ms0.08%
ECU_1_CAN_0_MSG_1, 1812 (0x714)444 µs19.84 ms2.70%
ECU_3_CAN_0_MSG_1, 1832 (0x728)348 µs20.26 ms0.17%
ECU_4_CAN_0_MSG_0, 1841 (0x731)444 µs24.18 ms1.08%
ECU_2_CAN_0_MSG_8, 1929 (0x789)284 µs24.52 ms0.03%
ECU_3_CAN_0_MSG_8, 2039 (0x7f7)284 µs24.52 ms0.68%

End-To-End Response Times

Start ProcessEnd ProcessBest Case
Response Time
Worst Case
Response Time

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